90 Best Rambo Quotes

90 Best Rambo Quotes

These Rambo quotes will get your blood pounding and make you feel ready to face anything! John Rambo was a man who was transformed into a super-soldier after being converted into a well-trained soldier.

90 Best Rambo Quotes

Rambo isn’t searching for trouble and isn’t violent unless provoked or defending the innocent, but once that line is crossed, there’s no one you’d rather have on your side. There’s no one you’d rather have working against you.

Rambo is a film series that has spanned a long period of time and has stood the test of time. The first film was released in 1982, while the most recent was released in 2019. Read the finest Rambo quotes. Learn from some of Rambo’s most inspiring, motivating, and legendary life quotes, secrets, and wisdom.

John rambo quotes

1.“Just because somebody smiles when he hands me a bag of shit, that doesn’t mean I have to take it. I don’t give a damn how friendly he is. It’s what he does that matters.” -Rambo Quotes

2. “I Want Them To Know That Death Is Coming, And There Is Nothing They Can Do To Stop It.”-Rambo Quotes

3. “Alexander the Great try to conquer this country… then Genghis Khan, then the British. Now Russia. But Afghan people fight hard, they never are defeated.”-Rambo Quotes

4. “When the killing stops in one place, it starts in another, but that’s okay… ’cause you’re killing for your country.”– Rambo

5. “Whatever Possessed God In Heaven To Make A Man Like Rambo?”– Rambo


90 Best Rambo Quotes

“There isn’t one of us that doesn’t want to be someplace else. But this is what we do, who we are.”-Rambo Quotes

7. “You did everything to make this private war happen. You’ve done enough damage. This mission is over, Rambo. Do you understand me? This mission is over!”-Rambo Quotes

8. “I’m expendable.”-Rambo Quotes

9. “In ancient days, the Afghan King was asked to send 500 warriors into battle. He said, ‘only five.’ His greatest five. And they won.”– Rambo

10. “I’m gonna tear you apart.”-Rambo Quotes

11. “You send that many, don’t forget one thing.”-Rambo Quotes

12. “These boys are now our soldiers! They belong to me now!”– Rambo

13. “Anyway, this will be my fifth trip in, so we’re aware of the risks.”– Rambo

14. “Don’t Push it. Don’t push it, or I’ll give you war you won’t believe.” – Rambo

15. “It’s like someone invites you to a party and you don’t show up. It doesn’t really matter.”-Rambo Quotes

16. “When you’re pushed, killing’s as easy as breathing.”-Rambo Quotes

17. “Who Are You?” “Your Worst Nightmare.”– Rambo

They drew first blood

18.  “They drew first blood, not me.” – Rambo

19. “I try to eliminate as much dialogue as possible, and I guess Rambo is my really best experiment with how to eliminate dialogue.” – Rambo

20. “Murdock… I’m coming to get you!”-Rambo Quotes


90 Best Rambo Quotes

“I will fight to keep their memory alive.”– Rambo

Nothing is over Rambo

22. “Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don’t turn it off! It wasn’t my war!”-Rambo Quotes

23. “Sir, do we get to win this time?”– Rambo

24. “War is in your blood. Don’t fight it. You didn’t kill for your country. You killed for yourself.” – Rambo

25. “Don’t act so innocent, Colonel. You had your suspicions, and if you suspected then you’re sort of an accessory aren’t ya?”– Rambo

26. “In the field, we had a code of honor, you watch my back, I watch yours. Back here there’s nothing!”– Rambo

27.  “I want, what they want, and every other guy who came over here and spilled his guts and gave everything he had, wants! For our country to love us as much as we love it! That’s what I want!”– Rambo

28. “I said why are you pushing me? I haven’t done anything to you.”-Rambo Quotes

29. “You’re the last of an elite group, don’t end it like this”– Rambo

30. “All the ones I’ve loved are now ghosts.”-Rambo Quotes

31. “There wouldn’t be no trouble except for that king-shit cop!”– Rambo

32. “Before consulting the hotheads who present various military options such as a military invasion: remember, President Reagan, Rambo only exists in the movies.” – Rambo

33. “Day by day.” – Rambo

34. “Nobody would help! He’s saying, sayin’ ‘I wanna go home!’”-Rambo Quotes

35. Romantically, in my head, I’m Rambo, but if someone’s shouting at me, I get adrenalin shakes and go red. When I’m really low, I have a good cry.

36.  “All I wanted was something to eat. But the man kept pushing Sir.”– Rambo

37. “You know there are more men out there and you know where they are. Find ’em. Or I’ll find you.”– Rambo

38. “Except that it was no more home, just the place where he had grown up, and that first day back, touring the once familiar places only made him realize that he had already lived close to half his life.”– Rambo

39.  “There are no friendly civilians!”– Rambo

40. “I want revenge. I want them to know that death is coming, and there is nothing they can do to stop it.” – Rambo

41. “A man who’s the best, with guns, with knives, with his bare hands.” – Rambo

42. “I know how black a man’s heart can be.” -Rambo Quotes

43. “Rambo was a Green Beret,” Hannah said. “Please. We eat those army boys for breakfast.” – Rambo

44. “There’s one man dead! It was not my fault! I don’t want anymore hurt!” – Rambo

45. “I’ve always believed that the mind is the best weapon.” – Rambo

46. “You’ll get a second Medal of Honor for this.”– Rambo

47. “What’s with the cute shoelace on your head?” “What this?” He flicked the end of the cord with his finger. “Yeah. Rambo called, he wants his bandana back.” – Rambo

48. “Sometimes I wake up and I don’t know where I am. And I don’t talk to anybody. Sometimes a day. Sometimes a week. Can’t put it out of my mind.” – Rambo

49. “Wolf den this is lone wolf do you read? Prepare for an emergency landing, arriving with American POWs.”– Rambo


 90 Best Rambo Quotes

“There’s no rescue team. There’s just me.”– Rambo

51. “And I come back to the world and I see all those maggots at the airport protesting me spitting calling me baby killer and all kinds of crap.”– Rambo

52. “Your worst nightmare.”– Rambo

53. “His name was Rambo, and he was just some nothing kid for all anybody knew, standing by the pump of a gas station at the outskirts of Madison, Kentucky.”– Rambo

54. “To Survive A War, You Gotta Become War.”– Rambo

55. “I’ve lived in a world of death. I’ve watched people I’ve loved die. Some fast with a bullet, some not enough left to bury. All these years I’ve kept my secrets, but the time has come to face my past. And if it comes looking for me, they will welcome death.” – Rambo

56. “Back to what? My friends died here, and a piece of me did too.” – Rambo

57. “Not really. Don’t take it personally.”– Rambo

First blood quotes

58. In my novel, ‘First Blood,’ Rambo died. In the films, he lives.– Rambo

59. “I’m no tourist.”– Rambo

60. “One day you’re a college graduate, in love with Mr. Right and looking for a job. The next day, your Rambo. Your timeline is off. And can we lose the Rambo part?”– Rambo

61. “You taught us to ignore pain, right?” – Rambo

62. “That you guys don’t take any shit?”– Rambo

63. “I’ve fired a few shots.” – Rambo

64. “I came home for a week after I finished filming Rambo because, after being in the jungle for three months, all I wanted to do was walk in the Highlands.” – Rambo

65. “I finally came home, to defend the only family I’ve ever known. But all she’s got is me. She’s coming home.” – Rambo

66. “Cause he’d do it for me.”– Rambo

67. “Old Men Start It, Young Men Fight It, Nobody Wins, Everybody In The Middle Dies, And Nobody Tells The Truth!”– Rambo

68. “You’re Not Hunting Him…He’s Hunting You.”– Rambo

69. “Well, surrounding them’s out.”– Rambo

70. “Are You Bringing Any Weapons?” “Of Course Not.” “You’re Not Changing Anything.”– Rambo

71. “Look John, you’ve done some damage here, they don’t want any more trouble. That’s why I’ve come.”– Rambo

72. “They’re all dead. All of them. I could have killed you ten times, but I wanted you last.”– Rambo

73. “Live For Nothing Or Die For Something.”– Rambo

74. “I could have killed ’em all, I could’ve killed you. In town you’re the law, out here it’s me. Don’t push it! Don’t push it or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe! Let it go. Let it go!” – Rambo

75. “Back there I could fly a gunship, I could drive a tank, I was in charge of million dollar equipment, back here I can’t even hold a job parking cars!”– Rambo

76. “Go home.” – Rambo

77. “I want you to feel my rage, my hate when I reach into your chest and RIP OUT YOUR HEART!” – Rambo

78. “Can’t help you out.” – Rambo

79. “You’re not with military, not mercenary – what you are? Lost tourist?”– Rambo

80. “Pride is a poor substitute for intelligence. What you must understand is that we have to interrogate you.”– Rambo

81. “Any of you boys want to shoot, now’s the time.”– Rambo

82. “You wanna live? Follow the lights!” – Rambo


90 Best Rambo Quotes

“It was a bad time for everyone, Rambo. It’s all in the past now.”– Rambo

84. You know what you are. What you’re made of. War is in your blood. Don’t fight it. You didn’t kill for your country. You killed for yourself. The gods are never gonna make that go away. When you’re pushed, killing’s as easy as breathing.– Rambo

85. “Ninety-five percent of women’s experiences are about being a victim. Or about being an underdog, or having to survive… women didn’t go to Vietnam and blow things up. They are not Rambo.” – Rambo

86. “God would have mercy. John Rambo won’t.” – Rambo

87. “You asked me, I didn’t ask you! And I did what I had to do to win! But somebody wouldn’t let us win! And I come back to the world and I see all those maggots at the airport, protesting me, spitting.”– Rambo

88. I like Stallone because he writes. He sits down with a blank page and comes up with another Rambo movie. That isn’t very easy for anybody. He’s made it successful on top of that.– Rambo

89. ‘Rocky’ represents the optimistic side of life, and ‘Rambo’ represents purgatory.– Rambo

90. “For a colonel, the way you’re talking, you don’t seem to like the military very much.” “Of course I don’t. Who in his right mind would?”– Rambo

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Which one is the best Rambo Quotes?

 “They drew first blood, not me.”

What are the famous Rambo Quotes ?

“They’re all dead. All of them. I could have killed you ten times, but I wanted you last.”

“Sometimes I wake up and I don’t know where I am. And I don’t talk to anybody. Sometimes a day. Sometimes a week. Can’t put it out of my mind.

“Old Men Start It, Young Men Fight It, Nobody Wins, Everybody In The Middle Dies, And Nobody Tells The Truth!”

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